Collection: Gong Fu Tea / Loose tea

This collection is for real tea lovers who love tasty and exclusive loose leaf tea!

The Gong Fu Tea method is still the best way to enjoy exclusive  tea. It is an ancient Chinese way of tea brewing in which a small teapot made of clay or a gaiwan is used to prepare the tea. With Gongfu Cha one uses  more loose tea leaves per water ratio (e.g.: 6gr/100ml for Ball rolled Oolong) than in the western method (e.g. 1gr/100ml) and we leave these for a shorter time infuse (eg 20sec). Because you use more tea leaves, you get a richer and fuller tea and you can also get several infusions from 1 dose.

You can compare this with a music concert, a performance with 5 musicians can be beautiful, but the same performance with a full music band gives a fuller and warmer sound but also feeling. You get more different tones from low to high.

This is exactly the same with tea, when you use a little more loose tea leaves than you also get a fuller taste palette and you can enjoy the different flavors that release from the tea leaves.

In Chinese, the word "gongfu" has multiple meanings - skill, art, dedication, and effort. As the name implies, it takes time and skill to make Gongfu tea. The Gongfu tea ceremony actually turns tea preparation and presentation into an art form.