About Wellness Tea

Hey dear tea drinkers welcome to Wellness Tea !

Welcome to Wellness Tea - a webshop that focuses on creating holistic teas and tisanes based on traditional Chinese herbalism. Our story started with my passion for tea and my wife Cheng Mei's fascination and skill in traditional Chinese medicine.

Together we decided to bundle our knowledge and passion and start Wellness Tea, with the aim of offering tea and tisanes that are not only tasty, but also contribute to promoting of a holistic lifestyle. Our tisanes are based on ancient knowledge and folklore of traditional Chinese herbalism but with a modern twist, combining it with real tea to create a unique taste and experience.

At Wellness Tea, we understand that our tisanes and teas are not a substitute for medication or medical treatment. Our mixtures, however, are formulated according to certain conditions in traditional Chinese medicine, and may help to soothe, but are mainly intended as a pleasure drink. However, every person is different, which is why it is important to always consult a doctor in case of illness.

If you are interested in obtaining a personalized herbal supplement in powder form or tablets, or if you are interested in an acupuncture session, please feel free to contact my wife at www.sochinesemedicine.com.