About Wellness Tea

Hey dear tea drinkers welcome to Wellness Tea !

I am Frederic and have been a tea lover for many years and my wife Cheng Mei is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. Watching her always at work with this fascinating ancient leather gave me a great idea. She knows a lot about the traditional Chinese herbs and their effect, which made me more and more interested in this holistic way of life and the magical power of herbs.

So I thought: "Everyone knows the Indian teachings “Ayurveda”, what if I combine the Chinese teachings with real tea?" a different vision.

This gave rise to the idea to start Wellness Tea and, together with her knowledge, to compose tasty tisanes and teas that you can drink as a holistic practice and that are based on the traditional Chinese herbalism.

Please note:  These tisanes are not medicines or substitute for medicines and do not cure disease but are intended to be drunk as a supportive hot drink. The herbal mixtures are composed according to certain conditions in traditional Chinese medicine and can possibly help to soothe, but every person is different, so it has more effect on one person than on another. Always consult a doctor in case of illness.
Would you like a depersonalized herbal supplement in powders or tablets or an acupuncture session, feel free to contact my wife at www .sochinesemedicine.com