Tea for the hospitality industry and companies

Qualitative loose tea and herbal tea in your horica business or in your company kitchen for your employees?

We offer a wide range of delicious and natural flavors that are perfect for both your customers and your employees. We believe in the power of natural ingredients and the complexity of real quality tea. 

For horica business we offer an extensive range of traditional black tea, delicate green tea, refreshing herbal tea and exotic fruit teas and the weight can be adjusted as desired. 

For companies we offer special packages for use by employees. Whether it's a relaxing break in the cafeteria or a boost of energy during meetings, our teas are the perfect choice. We can provide custom solutions based on your business needs

In addition, we offer the possibility to compose seasonal herbal teas and teas according to the cooling or warming properties of the herbs and tea. Whether refreshing, cooling green tea in the summer or warming, spicy black tea in the winter, you always have the right tea or herbal tea for every season. View our range of seasonal teas. 

Contact us today to discover how our loose tea and herbal teas can enrich your horica business and inspire your employees. Enjoy the wonderful world of tea with our unique quality range.