Wellness Tea Fan Club Program

Welcome Wellness Tea Fan!

We think our Wellness Tea fans are super important and have therefore set up a loyalty program that rewards our loyal customers with various discounts and promotions.

You have just signed up for our Wellness Tea fanclub loyalty program! We think that's fantastic, and that's why you will immediately receive your first points gift from us. Enjoy your herbal tea and enjoy the fact that you are now officially part of our Wellness Tea fan club.

How does it work?

For every euro you spend in the webshop you get 10 tea leaves. You can exchange these tea leaves for discounts, but also for free herbal tea or free shipping coupon! So, do you go for that discount or do you keep saving?

How do you save tea leaves?

     You get tea leaves when you :

    • Create an account  (50 tea leaves)
    • On your birthday        (200 tea leaves)
    • Your profile is complete     (10 tea leaves)
    • For every euro spent in the webshop (10 tea leaves/€)
    • Place an order     (10 tea leaves)
    • Like on Facebook           (20 tea leaves)
    • Share to Facebook        (20 tea leaves)
    • Refer friends and sign them up   (60 tea leaves for you and 50 tea leaves for the friend)    

    The Prizes

    Tea leaves                 Exchange for

    500                Get 10% Discount on your order

    1000                Get 5€ Discount on your order

    1250                Get 15% Off Your Order

    1750                Get 10€ Discount on your order

    2000                Get a Free Shipping Coupon

    2500              Get 15€ Discount on your order

    2750                  Free Honeysuckle Chrysanthemum Tea 50g

    3000              Get 30% Off on Your Order

    3500                  Free Flower Mint Tisane 75g

    6000                  Free acupuncture session at So's Chinese Medicine

    (contact first by mail to make an appointment info@wellnesstea.be)