Important Info / Disclaimer

Some insights into traditional Chinese medicine are based on principles and views that differ from the current Western science. So please read some important information that we have put together for you.


Note the following important instructions

Our products are based on ancient traditional Chinese medicine, and these recipes are still used daily in China to improve health  Traditional Chinese medicine knowledge is a recognized science in China that is passed on and practiced by renowned scholars and users, as well as promoted by government agencies.

The thousands of years old traditional Chinese medicine, however, is also based on different principles and approaches than those of our current 'Western' science. Since our descriptions of the meaning and functions are based on the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, we do not claim effects in the sense of conventional science. In particular, the aspects of harmony and individual inner balance have no equivalent in our science, so that for many of the effects described in traditional Chinese medicine, there is no demonstrable evidence in terms of Western science.

These tisanes are not drugs or substitutes for drugs and do not cure disease but are intended to be consumed as a supportive hot drink. The herbal mixtures are composed according to certain conditions in traditional Chinese medicine and can possibly help to soothe, but every person is different, so it has more effect on one person than on another. In case of illness, always consult a doctor.

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