Collection: Pu'Erh Tea

Pu'Erh tea is known for its earthy notes and spicy taste. It is a tea that is often drunk to aid digestion. This tea is often pressed into round cakes or blocks and can continue to mature for many years if stored properly. In China, this belongs to the black tea (Hei Cha) also called the fermented tea category. Pu'erh tea can only be mentioned if it comes from the region around the city of Pu'erh in Yunnan.

In Pu'erh we have two types :

  • Fermented Pu'erh also called Shu Pu'erh or Ripe Pu'erh: it has first undergone an accelerated fermentation process.
  • Unfermented Pu'erh also called Sheng Pu'erh or Raw Pu'erh: it is pressed into cakes and continues to ferment over the years.