Collection: A Touch Of Chrysanthemum

Welcome to "A Touch of Chrysanthemum", our exclusive tea collection where we showcase this beautiful, delicate, fragrant and wondrous Chrysanthemum flower.

With its subtle yet refreshing flavor and numerous health benefits, chrysanthemum has been valued in traditional Chinese medicine and cuisine for hundreds of years.

In this collection we have carefully selected and put together a variety of tea blends in which the Chrysanthemum with its unique taste and aroma is central. Blended with top quality tea leaves and other natural ingredients. Whether you prefer black tea, green tea, white tea or herbal tea, you will always find something to stimulate your senses and nourish your body and mind.

From the delicate and floral notes of our Chrysanthemum White Tea to the bold and robust flavor of our Chrysanthemum Pu-erh Tea, each of our teas has its own distinctive character and charm. We invite you to explore this collection and discover your new favorite tea. Whether you're looking for a relaxing afternoon of pampering or a refreshing pick-me-up, "A Touch of Chrysanthemum" is the perfect choice.