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Wellness Tea

Pai Mu Tan | White Peony

Pai Mu Tan | White Peony

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Camellia Sinensis / Pai Mu Tan White Tea

How do you brew Gong Fu Style Tea?

1. First heat your tea set with warm water and then pour it away.

2. Do 3.5 grams (per 100ml of water) Pai Mu Tan tea in the heated Gaiwan or Teapot of 100ml.

3. Now enjoy the nice smelling aromas that are released from the dry tea leaves.

4. Awaken the tea by pouring 85°C water over the Pai Mu Tan tea and pouring it away immediately. This makes the tea wake up and ready for its first infusion.

5. Now enjoy the nice smelling wet tea leaves. (The aromas have now changed)

6. Now infuse the tea with 85°C water and let it infuse for 20 seconds.

7. Decant the tea into your cup or Gong Dao Bei (carafe)

8. Enjoy your nice cup of Pai Mu Tan tea.

You can certainly infuse this Pai Mu Tan white tea 5 more times, and count 5 seconds extra each time. Bee. (According to your own taste needs)

3-3.5 g per 100ml water

Infusion time
1st) 20 sec

2nd) 30 sec

3rd) 30 sec

4th) 40 sec

5e) 50 sec

Number of Infusions



Which water do you use best?

Water is a very important part of brewing tea and herbal infusions!

The best water is soft, low in minerals with a neutral PH value (= 7PH neutral) and a low redox number. Use water with a residual value below 50mg/l and a high redox potential.

Water with a lot of residues are waters that contain a lot of antioxidants disappeared.

Some brands with good teas and herbal infusions are: Montcalm; Mont Roucous ; Glaciar and Spa.

How do you store loose tea?

Loose tea is best stored at room temperature, dry and in a dark closed tea tin. Youcan always put a desiccant such as a silica gel pad in the tea tin so that it absorbs any moisture. in the tea tin. 

This way loose tea can keep for a very long time. Also, nothing happens to the smell, color or taste for a very long time. Because tea is an unrefrigerated product, the shelf life is extra long.

So keep the tea in the cupboard or in another dark place, but best not in the kitchen because a lot of odors and evaporation takes place in a kitchen.

Pai Mu Tan is also called White Peony created by combining the Silver Needle buds with larger young leaves. The tea is then thinned and dried, allowing some natural oxidationThe leaves will become darker and brittle as a result.

This tea is suitable for aging in much the same way as PuErh aging. Store loose at a humidity of more than 50% (preferably around 62%) in airtight conditions.

The Qi of the Sun

The young leaves and buds of this highly prized white tea from the Fujian province of China are dried exclusively in the sun and is therefore appreciated for its fine floral aroma and mild taste. Pai Mu Tan is very slightly oxidized, which gives this tea a mild sweet taste and does not quickly become bitter. So this is the purest form of tea who he is 

Due to its delicacy, White Tea infusion oxidizes quickly, so we recommend consuming it within two hours of preparation.

But why is white tea actually healthier? 

White tea is the beauty tea par excellence. Research has shown that white tea contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamin C and fluoride and is said to have an anti-cancer effect. You can also drink this during your fitness program to help with fat burning. 

Purifying effect

White tea contains vitamin C and polyphenol. This tea is also known for its purifying effect, caused by the antioxidants. This could reduce the risk of heart and blood vessel disease. According to recent research on white tea, it appears that in certain respects it has an even stronger preventive effect against cancer than green tea.


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Fujian Provincie  China   🇨🇳                           


Very low


Moderate to High (The buds contain a high amount of caffeine)


Bud and young leaves


Da Bai



 Infusion time   

1e) 20sec                                       

2e) 30sec

3e) 30sec

4e) 40sec

5e) 50sec

Dosage per 100ml of water


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