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Wellness Tea

Licorice Ginger Tea

Licorice Ginger Tea

🌿 Stomach Warming

🌿 Qi Strengthening

🌿 Digestive Support

🌿 Natural & Without Flavor Enhancers

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This tasty and spicy Licorice Ginger Tea consists of Orange Slices, Dried Ginger, Licorice Root, Keemun Tea, Astragalus Root, Angelica Root, Lemon Peel and Orange Peel.

How do you make this herbal infusion?

Put 2 teaspoons of herbs in a cup or teapot so that they have room to expand and absorb the water, then pour over with  99°C water. Let it infuse for 10 to 15 minutes and enjoy your delicious herbal infusion.

The amount of the herbs taken influences the effect of the tea.

< strong>Hint:1. If you want to get even more substances from the herbs, you can grind the herbs more finely so that they release their substances faster.

2.To get even more ingredients out of the herbs, you can always make a decoct by boiling the herbs for 5 minutes and then letting them steep for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Be careful! As a result, the taste can be more bitter than with an infusion.


2 Teaspoons per cup

Infusion time

10 to 15 minutes



This herbs are sold to make a hot drink and are not intended to treat any medical condition. When in doubt, always consult a doctor.

I have composed our Wellness tea together with my wife, who is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and who has knowledge of Traditional Chinese Herbalism. This allows us to compose these unique and healthy tea blends at “Wellness Tea”.

If you are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and would like a personal herbal composition or acupuncture treatment, please contact us. Then have a look at www. for an appointment.

Which water do you use best?

Water is a very important part of brewing tea and herbal infusions!

The best water is soft, low in minerals with a neutral PH value (= 7PH neutral) and a high redox potential. Use water with a residual value below 50mg/l and a high redox potential.

Water with a lot of residues are waters that contain a lot of antioxidants disappeared.

Some brands with good teas and herbal infusions are: Montcalm; Mont Roucous ; Glaciar and Spa.

How do I store loose tea?

Loose tea is best stored at room temperature, dry and in a dark closed tea tin. Youcan always put a desiccant such as a silica gel pad in the tea tin so that it absorbs any moisture. in the tea tin. 

This way loose tea can keep for a very long time. Also, nothing happens to the smell, color or taste for a very long time. Because tea is an unrefrigerated product,  the shelf life is extra long.

So keep the tea in the cupboard or in another dark place, but best not in the kitchen because a lot of odors and evaporation takes place in a kitchen.

You probably know the following…..

You wake up tired with a groggy feeling and little enthusiasm to start the day ahead. You've tried all kinds of remedies to boost your energy, but nothing seems to work. That is until you discover our Licorice Ginger Tea - a delicious, nutrient-packed blend designed with your health and well-being in mind.

A Blend Of Goodness

As you take your first sip you are hit by a burst of unique flavours. The pieces of orange, dried ginger, licorice root, Keemun tea, astragalus root, angelica root, lemon peel and orange peel together create a symphony of taste and smell that is sure to perk you up.

Benefits Galore

But it's not just its unique taste that makes this tea special. From a Chinese medicine perspective, this blend is believed to help move the Qi and stimulate blood circulation, promoting better overall health and vitality.


The ginger takes care of warm feeling in the stomach and warms the stomach, making it the perfect tea to enjoy after meals or on a fresh day.

Liquorice, The Immunity Booster

Liquorice on the other hand can help improve digestion and reduce nausea, making it a go-to tea for anyone looking to soothe an upset stomach. And let's not forget that liquorice is known for antibacterial and antiviral properties, making this tea an excellent choice for those who are to boost the immune system. Liquorice is also commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to the symptoms of a cold the help reduce.

Magic In A Cup

You begin to feel a renewed sense of energy and focus as the tea works its magic. You tackle your to-do list with gusto, hurtling through tasks that used to leave you feeling empty. And as the day progresses, you realize that this tea is more than just a pick-me-up - it's a lifestyle. It's a way to take control of your health and well-being, one sip at a time.

 Drink With Care!

Of course, we want to make sure you stay safe and healthy while enjoying our teas. Although this mixture generally safe and beneficial for most people, it contains licorice and can cause higher blood pressure to people who are sensitive to it. With that in mind, we recommend this tea avoid if you have stomach ulcers, are pregnant or nursing, experience stomach or intestinal bleeding or abdominal pain. In addition, people with high blood pressure should also be careful when consuming this blend.

Join our Wellness Tea Community

So, if you are ready to join a community of tea lovers who feel their best, sip by sip.

Then order a pack of our Licorice Ginger Tea today. Trust us, your taste buds and your body will thank you.


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Good to drink:

  • To aid digestion.
  • To strengthen Qi
  • To improve blood circulation
  • Strengthen immunity

Do not drink:

  • With stomach ulcers.
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding 
  • With stomach and intestinal bleeding.
  • Or stomach ache.
  • During high blood pressure
Are you in doubt? Then don't forget to consult your doctor, healthcare provider or a registered TCM practitioner, especially if you have pre-existing health problems or need to take medication.
Our herbs are individually weighed per package so that we can always guarantee the same amount of each herb per package. We do not make a bulk spice mix and then distribute it over the packaging. 
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Facts about the effect of the herbs and teas from this herbal tea blend.

Keemun Tea

Qimen red tea is a famous Chinese black tea. First produced in the late 1800s, it quickly became popular in the West and is still used for a number of classic blends. It is a light tea with characteristic stone fruit and slightly smoky notes in the aroma and a soft, malty, non-astringent taste reminiscent of unsweetened cocoa. Keemun is said to have floral aromas and woody notes.

Gedroogde Gember

Dried Ginger (Gan Jiang)

Vital functions include warming the spleen and stomach to expel cold, restoring yang and promoting circulation, and warming the lungs to dissolve retained fluids.< /p>


Licorice (Gan Cao)

Today, licorice root is still one of the most important herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to its use as a flavoring agent, licorice root has traditionally been used to soothe coughs and sore throats, protect the digestive and urinary tracts, and treat a variety of conditions ranging from diabetes to tuberculosis.

Astragalus (Huang Qi)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astragalus root is often used to strengthen the immune system. During the fall and winter months, it is often used to nourish the body, replenish Qi, and cure colds and flu.

Angelica (Dang Gui)

Angelica root has been used in China for at least 2000 years and is a highly respected herb. It's commonly used to treat everything from circulatory problems to liver and respiratory ailments. It is good for strengthening blood, stimulating circulation and relieving pain. The herb is therefore especially useful in treating blood deficiencies and blood stagnation.