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Wellness Tea



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An exotic fruit tea to take anywhere!

Meet Fruityeas, aunique and exciting way to enjoy an exotic fruit tea on the go! Our fruityeas are made from real fruit slices dried to perfection and  they are packed with flavor and ready to use.

They are easy to use - just add them to your cup, mug or water bottle and then fill them with cold or hot water. The dried fruit will then absorb the water and release its flavors and vitamins. Enjoy a delicious and healthy drink with the Fruityeas!

Moreover, they are portable and perfect for on the go, so you can enjoy a healthy and delicious fruit tea anytime and anywhere!

So why wait? Order your Fruityeas today and start enjoying the benefits of this exotic fruit tea!

Fruityeas is the perfect addition to your cocktail!

Looking for a fun and fruity way to add some excitement to your cocktail?

Look no further than Fruityeas! This easy to use individual packaging is perfect to add to your drink of your choice to add some flavor and vitamins. Whether you If you're looking for a cool and refreshing drink during the hot summer months or something to warm you up during the cold winter months, Fruityeas has you covered.

  • During the summer you can add extra ice cubes and possibly mint or other herbs of your choice.
  • During the winter months you can add warm water and optionally warming spices such as ginger or cinnamon to warm you up during those cold winter months.< /strong>

With a variety of flavors to choose from, the options are endless! So grab a pack of Fruityeas today and make your cocktail that little bit more special!


 Why our Fruityeas?

No spoiling or going bad - Because the fruit slices are dried they stay good and without spoilage much longer than fresh fruit.

Time-saving - You can put the pre-cut fruit slices quickly and easilyk in a cup or tumbler, pour in water and voilà, ready for use. No more wasting time cutting fruit and then washing the dishes.

Flavorful - You would think "Dried fruit slices have no taste" but this is not true, drying preserves the flavors and rehydrating releases them.

Multi Use - You can use the fruityeas in different ways, in water as vitamin water or as fruit tea, as decoration on cocktail glasses or in your cocktail. Let your inspiration run wild!

 The Fruityeas consist of 11 different combinations of 3 types of fruit in 1 package.

These are the combinations:

Pitaya (Dragonfruit red) , Orange, Kiwi 

Lemon, Orange, Hawthorn Berry

Pitaya (Dragon fruit white) , Kiwi, Pineapple

Pitaya (Dragonfruit white), Pineapple, Honeydewmelon 

Pitaya (Dragon Fruit Red), Snow Pear, Kiwi

Pitaya (Dragon fruit red), Apple, Honeydew melon

Lemon, Apple, Kumquad

Pitaya (Dragon Fruit Red), Orange, Hawthorn Berry 

Lemon, Papaya, Honeydew melon

Pitaya (Dragon fruit red), Pineapple, Strawberry

Apple, Kiwi, Strawberry



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