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Wellness Tea

Finest Yunnan Golden Snail

Finest Yunnan Golden Snail

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Camellia Sinensis / Yunnan Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe

How do you brew Gong Fu Style Tea?

1. First heat your tea set with hot water and then pour it away.

2. Do 5 grams (per 100ml water) Finest Golden Snail tea in the heated 100ml Gaiwan or Teapot.

3. Now enjoy the nice smelling aromas that are released from the dry tea leaves.

4. Wake up the tea by pouring 90°C water over the Yunnan Golden Snail tea and pour it away immediately. This ensures that the tea wakes up and is ready for its first infusion.

5. Now enjoy the nice-smelling wet tea leaves. (The aromas have now changed)

6 . Now infuse the tea with 90°C waterr and leave to infuse for 20 seconds.

7. Decant the tea into your cup or Gong Dao Bei (carafe)

8. Enjoy your nice cup of Finest Yunnan Golden Snail

You can certainly infuse this Finest Yunnan Golden Snail 6x more, and add 5 seconds extra each time . (According to your own taste needs)


5g per 100ml water

Infusion time

20 sec (+ 5 sec extra with each subsequent infusion)



Number of Infusions


Which water do you use best?

Water is a very important part of making tea and herbal infusions!

The best water is soft, low in minerals with a neutral PH value (= 7PH neutral) and a low Redox number. Use water with a residual value below 50mg/land a high redox potential.

Water with a lot of residues are waters that contain a lot of antioxidants disappeared.

Some brands that are good for teas and herbal infusions are: Montcalm; Mont Roucous; Glaciar and Spa.

How do you store loose leaf tea?

Loose tea is best storedat room temperature, dry and in a dark sealed tea tin.You can always put a desiccant such as a silica gel pad in the tea tin so that it removes any moisture. in the tea tin. 

In this way, loose tea can remain good for a very long time. Also, nothing happens to the smell, color or taste for a very long time. Because tea is an unrefrigerated product, the shelf life is extra long.

So store the tea in the cupboard or in another dark place, but it is best not to in the kitchen because a lot of odors and evaporation take place in a kitchen.

An exclusive and high-quality black tea from the Chinese province of Yunnan with beautifully finely twisted leaves with golden tips. This tea is classified as FTGFOP (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) or a black tea with a fine pick full of young buds and young leaves. Due to the oxidation process and rolling of the tea leaves, these buds get a golden color. 

It is a premium tea with a lot of character that has a refined body in the mouth with complex and sweet notes of fruit, cocoa, vanilla, cedar wood, among others, with a delicate and soft astringency that will delight your taste buds.

You can brew the tea gong fu style up to 6 times. Excellent black tea to drink during the morning.

Yunnan is known for its excellent Pu'erh and black teas. 



Yunnan China 🇨🇳                                         






Bud and one to 2nd leaf


5g /100ml water          



Infusion time  

1e) 20sec

2e) 25sec

3e) 30sec

4e) 35sec

5e) 40sec

6e) 45sec


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