Collection: Winter Tea

Winter can be nice and cozy, especially when there is snow and a nice snow carpet. Cozy lounging on the couch with a delicious cup of tea can offer you peace and inner warmth.

A healthy and cold walk in the snow or skiing in the mountains is the winter fun that we should not pass up. But don't forget to bring your nice warming herbal tea, it will give you a warm feeling inside and provide that warm moment during that cold day.

In our winter tea collection you will find herbal teas that can provide support during a cold, but also herbal teas that have warming and Qi-enhancing properties.
During winter it is also better to drink black tea or Pu'Erh tea, which are seen in Chinese medicine as tea with warm properties. 

The heating properties a tea has is closely related to the amount of oxidation the tea leaves have undergone. So the higher the oxidation percentage, the more it is a warming tea.